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Apple makes stealing your $8,000 Mac Studio more difficult


Since Apple’s Mac Studio is so easily stolen, a new security device is being developed.

Apple is apparently working on a new Lock Adapter that will make it simpler for users to protect their new Mac Studio, preventing it from being lifted the first time it is left unattended.

Mac Studio, the new Mac mini’s big brother, is a beautiful machine, yet it’s still surprisingly portable. The risk of yours getting taken from your desk is far greater. It’s been said that a little hole on the bottom of the early Mac Studio hardware resembles a Kensington lock, but it’s considered that it’s too small. However, MacRumors claims that Apple is already working on a Lock Adapter, but it’s not clear precisely what that means. Apple requires it to “physically secure without changing or destroying” a Mac Studio.


What more do we need to know?

It’s not clear when or how much the new Lock Adapter will cost when it goes on sale, according to the article. Nevertheless, given that the Mac Pro currently offers a comparable accessory for $49, the Mac Studio version’s pricing seems acceptable.

The Mac Studio is currently the greatest Mac for creatives, but only while it’s sitting on your desk. Keep a watch out for a Lock Adapter in the Apple Store if you’re worried about it going missing.


Mac Studio begins at $1,999 for the M1 Max version and goes up to $7,999 for the fully-maxed out M1 Ultra.

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