Apple just revealed apple music to Roku


A new Apple Music app for Roku has been released, but other streaming devices still need one.

(Image credit: Shutterstock; Apple)

Finally, Roku customers will be able to access Apple Music. On May 2nd, Roku made the announcement that Cupertino’s music streaming service would now be available on one of the most popular streaming devices. And it was only seven years ago, in 2015, when Apple Music was made available to the public.

Apple Music will be available on the Roku channel shop today, and it will work with all of Roku’s streaming sticks and devices, as well as TVs, speakers, and soundbars that are powered by Roku.


Roku’s news release notes that the “app will be ready to download later today,” which is why we use the word “expect” instead of “expect” when discussing the Apple Music app on our Rokus.

Apple Music users may now enjoy their service on devices other than the Apple TV 4K, which is a significant win for the company. It’s been a while since Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music were available on Roku.

It’s time for Apple to add a few more streaming device applications to its store.

Currently, there is no Apple Music app for the Fire TV, and there is no Google TV app for the Chromecast. Apple Music can be streamed over Google TV and Chromecast as long as you’re ready to link your accounts only by speech, as I just learned. Apple Music’s Android app does support Chromecast casting, but what about the millions of Apple Music users with iPhones who don’t want to shell out almost $200 for a streaming device?


If you’re an Apple Music user who doesn’t want to shell out $179 for a 4K streaming device but still wants to listen to your music on your TV, things have been difficult. Because I’ve been utilising various devices for my personal streaming for the previous month, I can attest to this. As a Netflix/Dolby Atmos problem “gently” “pushed” me away from using the Apple TV 4K, which I normally enjoy, I decided to switch to a Roku. Now, Roku is a viable option.

Compared to the Apple TV, the Roku Streaming Stick 4K is a fraction of the price at only $49. Both the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and the Chromecast with Google TV are available for $49, so it’s in Apple’s best interest to make its music streaming service broadly accessible. After all, watching music videos on your TV is a thing.


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