Apple is preparing for a possible iPhone 14 delay


Currently, we don’t foresee any delays to the iPhone 14.

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Many people are concerned about Apple’s manufacturing troubles since the iPhone 12 series was a touch behind schedule, and the iPhone 14 is no exception. However, it seems that Apple is particularly concerned about avoiding any delays.

Despite the fact that the middle of the year is normally a slow period for manufacturing, Apple is attempting to “attract employees with additional incentives during the uncommon off-season” in China, according to a United Daily News article.


Multiple times in the article, it is said that Apple is rushing to begin production of the iPhone 14 sooner than usual in order to avoid any supply chain concerns that may develop.

According to reports, Apple is increasing manufacturing of the iPhone 13 series, with the iPhone 13 Pro in particular seeing a significant surge in demand. In other words, the iPhone production employees at Apple presumably have their hands full and aren’t worrying about the clock.

Analyzed: Don’t anticipate a difficult time purchasing the iPhone 14.

It’s possible that Apple is going all out to ensure that the iPhone 14’s debut date isn’t impacted by the periodic lockdowns in locations like Shanghai, which may have a significant impact on production.


With the introduction of the iPhone expected to take place in September, Apple is assuring that it can maintain its normal schedule of launches and releases.

According to rumours, manufacture of the iPhones will be simplified this year since there will be less modifications between models. Both the 14 and 14 Pro are said to feature 6.1-inch displays, while the 14 Plus and 14 Pro Plus are expected to have 6.7-inch screens. If speculations are true, the non-Pro smartphones will even have the same processor as Apple’s iPhone 13 models.

We don’t anticipate the iPhone 14 series to be delayed by the end of the year because of the modest revisions and early manufacturing start.


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