Apple has almost doubled its EU lobbying spending to $7 million


In addition, in September, Apple’s Chief Privacy Officer held dinner with EU officials.

Between October 2020 and September 2021, Apple more than quadrupled its lobbying budget in the EU to more than $7M, according to fresh numbers.

This year, the European Union’s Transparency Register revealed that the EU spent between 6.5 and 7 million euros on intermediaries, comprising 21 people participating in different activities.


To quote one researcher who spoke to Politco: “How much Big Tech reports spending to influence the EU as it prepares crucial new legislation like the Digital Services Act, digital markets act and artificial intelligence act” has finally been revealed in this update. As predicted, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have all raised their lobbying spending over this time, according to Margarida Silva of the Corporate Europe Observatory. According to the study, Apple spent 3.7 million euros last year. In 2014, it only spent a little over a million euros.

According to iMore’s further analysis of the numbers, CSAM, sustainable consumption of products, battery packs, packaging, and more were all included in Apple’s goal list of legislative recommendations, as predicted.

There was also a dinner in Brussels on September 7 at which the Atlantic Council collaborated with Apple and the company’s Chief Privacy Officer, Jane Horvath, to discuss the EU’s latest efforts to regulate platforms and their implications for privacy and security, as well as “to inform EU policy makers about Apple’s approach to privacy,” as the Atlantic Council put it.


There have been 15 meetings between EU Commission members and Apple employees in 2021 and just one in 2022 thus far. The majority of the sessions were held online, either by WEBEX or video conference.

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