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Apple developer testing iPhones with USB-C


According to famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Cupertino-based tech company plans to implement USB-C on iPhones in 2023, and Bloomberg says that Apple has already begun testing iPhones with the new port. This year’s iPhones will still use Lightning connectors.

image credits: gsmarena

Reports indicate Apple is also in the process of developing a USB-C to Lightning adapter, although it isn’t known whether it will be included in the retail box or sold as a separate product by the company. As a result of Apple’s reputation, users may have to pay for an adaptor.

In Europe, the drive for USB-C-equipped devices may have contributed to the switch from Lightning connector to USB-C. This should not be a problem for Android device manufacturers, given the vast majority of Android-powered smartphones and tablets produced in the recent few years include USB-C ports.


Apple, on the other hand, is concerned that the European regulation “mandating just one type of connector for all devices on the market could hurt European consumers by delaying down the adoption of positive advancements in charging standards, especially those related to safety and energy efficiency,”

If a better standard arises, “we can adapt the standards,” the EU has stated in response to the claims of this move to USB-C hindering innovation.

A switch from Lightning to USB-C would benefit iPhone customers with faster data transfers and more efficient charging, regardless of whether or not European regulation stifles innovation.


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