Apple apparently dropped out of Will Smith biopic


According to reports, Apple has withdrawn from the project.

Will Smith is still dealing with the consequences from the Oscars.

Will Smith’s biopic, which had been pitched to Netflix and Apple, has been pulled from consideration. The corporations, according to the article, are interested in projects starring other black actors and actresses.


When it comes to a biography of Will Smith, Netflix and Apple+ have discreetly dropped their bids in favour of developing unique concepts from African-American performers.

With Will, it’s no longer safe to work together. More family-friendly actors like Mike Epps and Michael B. Jordan are now being considered for future projects.”

Biopic isn’t the only project affected. Both “Bad Boys 4” and “Fast and loose” have apparently been postponed as well.


The Academy accepted his resignation, but is still pursuing disciplinary measures against him notwithstanding his decision. On April 18, a crucial hearing will take place in which Smith’s Best Actor Oscar for his performance in King Richard might be removed. Meanwhile, the Hollywood actor, who rose to fame in the 1990s series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is losing industry support. According to insiders, Smith’s Netflix project Fast And Loose and the fourth Bad Boys picture are both on hold.

Smith has already wrapped production on the high-profile “Emancipation” project for Apple TV+, for which the company paid a significant sum last year. Apple has yet to announce a launch date for the project, and it is uncertain if the company would delay or cancel it completely. That one will have to be watched closely.


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