Android 13 has a QR code scanner feature just like in iPhones


Android 13’s QR code scanner is light years ahead of its predecessors in terms of speed.

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Even though the first Android 13 beta was released only a few days ago, we’re already discovering intriguing new features in it. The new QR code scanner in the latest operating system is one that we believe many of you will love. Android 13’s Quick Settings tile now reads codes quicker than anything else we’ve ever seen.

Using your camera app and aiming your phone at a QR code is no longer necessary. Just open the Quick Settings menu, press the scanner tile, and start scanning away! Seconds are all it takes.


Android Police disclosed the QR code scanner and two other features earlier this year. However, you were unable to use it in the first Developer Preview.

I was awestruck when I got my hands on this amazing scanner. It works so quickly that I didn’t even realise it had scanned the code until it was too late. I must have been dreaming since when I awoke, there was a link to open in Chrome. It has a broad reading range and can detect the code as soon as it appears in the camera’s lens. The new QR code scanner.

I was astounded by the speed of this procedure. Android 13’s new Quick Settings scanner had me exploring a menu before I had even launched my camera app, pointed it at the code, and touched the link. It also proposes the best app for the task, whether it’s your web browser, phone, maps, or anything else.


It’s important to know that the scanner tile isn’t automatically added to Quick Settings. Pull down your notification shade twice, then hit the pencil symbol, and then scroll down to the Hold and drag to add more tiles area to add more tiles. There is a QR code that you’re searching for.

Esper’s Mishaal Raman has discovered a string in the QR code scanner’s code that might be used to provide a shortcut to the lock screen. If this shortcut is included in the final Android 13 version, it will speed up and simplify the procedure even more.

Getting started is simple if you want to give it a go. Make sure to check out our guide on installing the Android 13 beta if you haven’t already.


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