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Android 12 update is currently available for LG Velvet


After announcing its intention to exit the smartphone market in April of last year, LG Velvet ended its manufacturing operations at the end of May. In the intervening time, some of LG’s mobile division software developers have been retained on the payroll, and their work has been made public today.

image credits: pcmag

We’re discussing the Android 12 upgrade for the LG Velvet. Seriously. The Velvet 5G, not the Velvet 4G, is now available in the company’s native market of Korea, despite the ambiguous forum post stating this.

In Korea, there may still be some Velvets in use, so the update should begin going out today. However, this might be a phased release, and it could take several days (or even weeks) for it to reach all of the devices.


Although Xiaomi/Redmi is one of the most successful mobile companies, it’s fantastic to see a dead business upgrading to the newest version of Android when they plan to offer new Android 11 devices in 2022 (yeah, we are looking at you, Xiaomi/Redmi!).

As a result, there won’t be any more Velvet updates.

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