Andreas Christensen urges Chelsea to regain form against Everton


Chelsea manager Andreas Christensen has encouraged his squad to regain their form ahead of their match against Everton, who will be managed by Frank Lampard.

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After a 1-1 draw with Manchester United at Old Trafford, Chelsea will travel to Goodison Park on Sunday.

Christensen has urged his team to regain their best form and fight hard to get a win on Sunday after Chelsea squandered a number of good opportunities in the contest.


Now that it has occurred and can be accepted, Christensen says it is time to move ahead and go back to doing what the team has done so well up until the previous few weeks.

“Keep our heads down and keep going through the process. Nothing more can be done except to learn from it and hopefully avoid making the same errors in the future.”

Individual errors by Chelsea, which Thomas Tuchel has attributed to their bad performances this season, were discussed further by him.


When Chelsea hosted Arsenal last month, Christensen was to blame for allowing Eddie Nketiah to open the scoring in the 4-2 defeat.

He retorted, saying: “Unfortunate circumstances have resulted in a few of my terrible decisions. After a sluggish start to the season, clubs are already taking advantage of their opportunities and putting them to good use. We’re making errors and paying the price for them.

“We’ve always been good defensively, and that’s where we start when evaluating our team’s potential moving ahead. We virtually always have chances in games, and whether or not we take advantage of those opportunities is entirely up to us.


“We still believe we’ll be able to maintain a clean sheet in games. It hasn’t occurred yet, but conceptually we should be there.”

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