Amazon PS5 restock verified for today — how to grab yours


Finally, Amazon has announced the date of their next PS5 resale.

Amazon PS5 restocks are unusual, but the shop has recently stated when it will be accepting new orders of Sony’s in-demand next-generation platform.

Today at 11 a.m. ET, Amazon has announced that it will host its next PS5 refill. Only Amazon Prime members will be able to purchase the PS5 Digital Edition console during this refill.


In February, the retailer’s PS5 listing page was updated with the information that “Amazon Prime subscribers will be granted first access to the PlayStation 5 until 3/31.” This Amazon PS5 refill was foreshadowed at that time. Even though it’s taken a long time to hear anything, the official word came down today through Twitter.

Restock of the PlayStation 5 on Amazon (check stock)

On March 30, Amazon finally announced that it will replenish the PS5 Digital Edition on March 30th after weeks of waiting for any sign of a PS5 restock.

If you’re a Prime member, you’ll have first dibs on this drop, and the PS5 is expected to sell out before it goes on sale to the wider public. Since the PS5 is going back into stock, you’ll almost probably need Prime to get your hands on one.


As previously said, it looks that this replenishment will only include the PS5 Digital Edition. The $399 version of the system is exactly the same as the $499 version, except that it lacks a disc drive.

Restocks of the cheaper PS5 Digital Edition will be appreciated by gamers who have struggled to get their hands on the more expensive PS5 model in recent months. In our opinion, having a disc drive and the ability to purchase physical games is worth the additional $100 investment.

For those who don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription or want to buy a basic PS5, be sure to bookmark our PS5 replenishment centre. In order to never miss another drop, this comprehensive list includes the most recent resupply information from every major store.


Getting early access to Amazon’s replenishment of the PlayStation 5

You can get an early look at Amazon PS5 restocks by signing up for Prime, which is free. As a member of Amazon’s Prime programme, you’ll get a variety of perks, like free delivery and access to Prime Video, as well as the possibility of first dibs on the next PS5 resupply. A 30-day trial of the service is offered, so signing up won’t cost you anything right off the bat.

How to get a PS5 from

The odds of getting a PS5 during an Amazon refill aren’t in your favour, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances.

To begin, make sure you’ve already created an Amazon account and stored your shipping and payment information. Once you’ve got the goods in your cart, it’s a race to finish the checkout process. Chances are the console will be sold out while you’re putting in your credit card and zip code.


Checking out with a PS5 is made a little bit simpler by an unusual Amazon technique. When the console is replenished, you may simply add it to your shopping cart from your wish list. This enables you to avoid the listing page, which is often always down because of the high volume of visitors.

If you use this approach, you’ll be able to place your order as soon as the replenishment becomes online, giving you a significant edge over others who are forced to keep refreshing the PS5 listing page in vain.

Even though the PS5 is already out of stock, you may still add it to your wish list if you so choose. This approach only works if you do it far in advance of the replenishment. Error messages are common during stock drops when you try to add a console to your wish list.


We tried this strategy out ourselves during an Xbox Series X replenishment and were able to confirm that it works. We were able to add the Series X four times, however the console could only be added once since the listing page kept crashing.

We’ll be updating our PS5 replenishment guide with any new information on the newest Amazon PS5 restock as soon as it becomes available.


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